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Helps kids:

  • Ask questions
  • Connect dots
  • Problem solve
  • Think creatively
  • Be innovative

When you donate, you’re directly supporting students like Ashley (a second grader aspiring leader) learn the value of coding using Ozobots.

“One of my favorite moments was working with Ashley who persevered over several months to successfully code the Ozobot. Her excitement that day was contagious!” 

Katie M, Founder of ESSTEAM Lab 

Providing the opportunity for students like her to persevere and gain a newfound confidence, along with a new skill; THAT is how supporting these students makes a difference. When you click on the links below, you’ll be taken to a secure, third party donation site. 

Coding Essentials

Amount Raised 57%

You can read here for more information about the benefits of teaching kids coding. 

These materials are reusable, so once we add them to our supply, we will be able to use them repeatedly. 

We need:

6 Ozobots: These are great intro coding robots for kids; you can code screen free with them and then use the computer to further coding skills. 

10 Micro:bits: Micro:bits are a pocket-sized computer. It’s a great low entry, high ceiling tech tool. 

6 MakeyMakey Classics:  Use everyday conductive items as touchpads to control a computer program. 

3D Design Program

Amount Raised 0%

Having used 3Doodler Start pens for the first time this past fall, there’s great interest in continuing to use these tools and expand class sizes for 3D design. 

We need to purchase 6 more 3Doodler Start pens to have a full class set of 12.  

We also need:

Plastic Strand Refill kit: 1200 quantity

5 STEM accessory kits

3Doodler pens definitely put the “A” in STEAM, and allow students to build projects from scratch. Our students use the pens for a variety projects, from engineering challenges such as a marble roller coaster to personal projects such as wearables (jewelry or fashion accessories). 

Scholarship Fund

Amount Raised so far ($)!

Give the gift of opportunity! 

Donations to this fund/campaign will be earmarked for scholarships. Scholarships will be given at 50%-100% for students who otherwise could not afford our classes or programs. 

ESSTEAM Lab, Inc. is a federally recognized 501c3 tax exempt organization, EIN 84-1927301. As such, donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law. No goods or services are provided by this organization in exchange for your donation. We are proud to be GuideStar Bronze certified. You can click on the image to get more information about our nonprofit operations. 

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