Equipment Rentals

All rentals include access to a video to help you get started, as well as being able to email Katie with any questions or concerns. 

Robots and Coding

Root Robot: $20/2 weeks

Suitable for kids in grades 2+ and who have an iOS device available to use. This robot draws and erases, senses light, sound and colors, and can light up and play notes. The free iOS app has starter lessons and activities. There are three levels of coding; if your child has used Scratch before, they can code with the Root Robot. Replacement value of $200. 5 available.

Ozobot: $20/2 weeks

Ozobot Evo is a robot that codes two ways, by drawing color codes with markers or by an online program. Markers will be provided for use with the Ozobot; you must provide your own paper and use your own device for OzoBlockly. You can find activities online to print, free draw with the color codes, or find activities to do on OzoBlockly. OzoBlockly has several levels of coding as well, so Scratch users can also code with OzoBlockly. Suitable for grades 1+. Replacement value of $100. 15 available.

Micro:bit: $20/month or no cost with another rental

It’s a tiny programmable computer, with an LED matrix display, motion detector, programmable buttons, 5 pin connections, radio signal, and more. It’s one of my favorite tools because of its versatility. It’s simple enough for a 3rd grader to use, yet provides digital and physical making opportunities for even adults. Suitable for grades 3+. Replacement value of $20. 12 available2


3Doodler Pen: $20/ 2 weeks

3D pens that are easy and safe enough for students in grades 2+ to use. They use a compostable plastic that melts at a temperature low enough that it is safe to touch. You can use the molds provided or free create. 2 packets of plastic will be provided (48 strands= up to 160 feet of material). Replacement value of $50. 10 available.

Circuit Cubes: $20/2 weeks

LEGO compatible circuit components (battery, motor, light) that allow you to build a variety of projects including a moving car and artbot. Suitable for grades 1+.  Replacement value of $60. 12 available.

Makey Makey: $20/2 weeks

With a MakeyMakey, you can turn any conductive object into a controller for a computer. For example, you can play a computer piano with bananas. Some common things you can connect to the MakeyMakey include aluminum foil, playdough, and fruit. Once you’ve connected the MakeyMakey, games and programs in Scratch can be controlled externally from a computer. It’s making + computer science together. Suitable for grades 2+. Replacement value of $50. 12 available.

Keva Planks: $20/2 weeks

Wood planks (sort of like Jenga blocks), that you can use to build bridges, models, puzzles, and more. 400 planks/rental. Suitable for grades K+. Replacement value of $180/bag. 4 bags of 400 available.0

Rental Logistics

Please email Katie at to check on availability of equipment, what you are interested in, and dates. Pickup and dropoff will be at Rollins Edwards Community Center in Summerville, SC. Payment required before pickup (in person or online), along with a signed rental agreement.